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Mrs. Patti Burns-Soliman » Welcome to Kindergarten!

Welcome to Kindergarten!

Dear Parents,

The kindergarten experience is both necessary and important for every child.  District 124’s kindergarten program is structured and developmentally sequenced to meet the individual needs of each child cognitively, physically, socially, and emotionally.

It is within the kindergarten setting that the child begins to develop as a unique person through “schooling”.  As children grow, their capabilities are shaped by the opportunities they have for learning. All areas of development are influenced by the children’s experiences as well as their abilities.  Provided with a variety of opportunities, the child interacts with his/her social and natural environment in order to build a foundation for later learning.

In kindergarten, children learn through different experiences to understand the world around them.  These experiences include reading, expressive language, math, science/health, social studies, and fine arts lessons and activities.  Through work and play, in-group and independent situations, the children are given opportunities to question, discover, experiment, and problem solve.  We encourage the children to be responsible individuals who value themselves, and through social interactions, become  sensitive to the rights and entity of others.

I believe our flexible program will make the kindergarten year a pleasant experience that leaves the children enthused about school and anxious to learn.  A happy child who is eager to come to school is the most important achievement of the kindergarten year.

We both want the best for your child.  I believe that the child’s first and best teacher is the parent.  I am committed to building a strong partnership with you to develop children who are happy, successful, respectful and responsible.  


Patti Burns-Soliman
Kindergarten Teacher
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